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Is First Usa Financial Llc a Scam?

Learn about First Usa Financial Llc, sue them for harrasment calls and earn up to $1,500. You're protected under FDCPA whether or not you owe the debt.

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Is First Usa Financial Llc a Scam or a Legit Company?

First Usa Financial Llc is a real, legitimate company. They are a small collection agency and based in the US.

However, agencies like First Usa Financial Llc cannot harass you over a debt. You have rights under the law, and we will stop the harassment once and for all. You have the chance to get up to $1,000 for harassment, and $500-$1,500 for illegal robocalls.

Can I Sue First Usa Financial Llc for Harrasment Calls

If you are being harassed by First Usa Financial Llc over a debt then, yes you can sue them. You are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), whether or not you owe the debt.

The collector pays your attorney’s fees and costs. You won’t pay us a penny. We have settled thousands of debt collection harassment cases. Let us help you today. Schedule a Free, No-Obligation Appoiment and Get Rid of Frustration and Anger.

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